Upper Elementary Reading Teachers!

Instill a love of reading in every child through a purposeful Independent Reading routine that creates a community around books.

I Get It...

When you hear the term “Independent Reading”, you picture kids leaning back in their chairs, practicing the well-mastered art of fake reading.

You know how it is. They glance at the page, look over at the clock, gaze up at the ceiling, and take at least 5 trips to the bathroom and drinking fountain.

Before you know it, the 20 minutes of reading time is up, and they’re just signing in from the bathroom.

Maybe you’ve given up on Independent Reading completely, or maybe you’ve decided to have students read at home instead.

Either way, you also know something’s missing from your reading program because your kids aren’t getting quality independent reading practice.

Hi, I'm Eva!

I am a reader through and through. I love being a reading mentor to my students and helping them discover a love of reading.

I'm on a mission to help upper elementary reading teachers use their literacy block to teach students how to think about books so that students learn how to apply those same thinking skills to their every day life.

Imagine this.

You sit down with a small group of students to work on reading skills while the rest of the class finds a quiet corner to curl up in with their Independent Reading book (and some sticky notes and a notebook, of course!) 

Your students are reading the whole time, completely lost in the story. And when the reading time is up… they beg you, “Please, can we have 10 more minutes to read?”

Your classroom library is the most sacred part of the room, and it’s also the community hub for your classroom.

Students recommend books to one another, and you become a trusted source for book recommendations, too. 

You don’t have to worry about your students being on task during reading time because you’ve spent time up front setting your Independent Reading norms and practicing until they’ve built up the stamina they need to read on their own.

This is exactly what will happen when you set up and launch your independent reading block in a purposeful way. 


Launching Independent Reading is a bite-sized workshop and resource bundle to kick-start a purposeful routine for your Independent Reading block that you can use in your classroom over and over again.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Complete Independent Reading training

  • All the nuts and bolts of what you actually need to know to launch your Independent Reading block (without all the fluff!)

  • My 5-step process for launching Independent Reading block

  • Printable Note-taking guide

  • Resource list with links (Professional books and mentor texts)

  • 5 days of lesson plans done for you so that you can launch your Independent Reading Block without any prep work!

Workshop Schedule

Part One: The Why Behind the “What”

Part Two: Show Them How

Part Three: Create a Plan

Part Four: Work the Plan

Part Five: Course Correct as Needed

*Watch the entire workshop on demand, print out your notes guide and lesson plans, and kick off your Independent Reading block this week!

Launching Independent Reading

Don't take it from me! Here are a few reviews from teachers who have taken the Launching Independent Reading Workshop:

"So many great tidbits from this video! Loved it! I will be making sure to communicate the what/why/how, especially the how, and helping build that love of reading early on. I was so inspired during this video that I had to keep pausing because ideas were popping into my head. I will also be using the 5-day launch plan too!" Kimberly L.

"Thank you for including the idea that reading takes practice! I teach 8th grade ELA and my students have a wide range of reading abilities. However, they can all improve their understanding by practicing with different levels and types of texts." Candace W.

"Oh my goodness, so much great info here!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! So many take aways from your presentation!!" Whitney L.